Women's fashion accessories can be defined as any item which is secondary to the main outfit. These women's accessories are used to complement as well as enhance the wearer's desired look. It is a known fact among fashionistas that accessories, when chosen well, can make any outfit. If there is a mistake that has been made in choosing women's accessories properly, then the whole ensemble pretty much goes off track.

It doesn't matter how trendy the outfit you pick, to bring it all together the best women's accessories come to your service. On the other hand, even if your outfit is an ordinary one, great accessories can transform it into a fabulous one. Also, there are a couple of rules when it comes to accessories that are easy to master with time. So read on to know more about women's accessories and how to wear them better.


There are two kinds of women's accessories, the ones that you wear and the ones you carry. Based on this broad classification, we have picked some of the absolute must-haves for you.

1.            Handbags - Women's accessories would be incomplete without handbags. Getting yourself a neutral coloured handbag such as black, tan brown, soft pink or grey and such, in a size you prefer will always come in useful. Go a step further and get a zipped purse which will second as a clutch when you want to leave the handbag at home.

2.            Watches - Watches these days look like bracelets and you can own more than just one to go with various looks. Watches have come a long way when it comes to women's accessories and you have many options to choose from, be it leather straps, rubber or metallic ones.

3.            Jewellery - Some of the most basic women's accessories are earrings which are worn every day. Along with this, various kinds of rings can also be used to complement one's outfit. For evening get-ups you must invest in a statement necklace that adds glam very easily.

4.            Makeup - Even if you do not like to wear a full face of make up every day, there are a few cosmetic items which you need. Go for a dark black or brown kajal and either a red or nude shade of lipstick.


We believe in accessorising, and we've put together some of our women's accessories handpicked from our wide range on our digital platform.

1.            Ray-Ban Sunglasses - This pair of round pink sunglasses add a quirky element to your look. The combination of the gold frame with the lens shade will look beautiful on Pakistan skin tones.

2.            Next Floppy Hat - If you are a beach body then such a hat has to be part of the women's accessories collection you have. Take it with you to shield your face and shoulders from the sun while you enjoy the waves by the shore.

3.            Quirksmith Oxidised Silver Clip-On Nosepin - When it comes to women's accessories, a tiny nose-pin such as this one can completely change how one's face looks. You can wear it on with Pakistan or Indo-Western ensembles.

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